What we do

An elected committee dedicated to providing repeaters in the Swindon area

  • We apply for and maintain the groups repeater NOVs
  • We obtain and or build the necessary equipment
  • We install the equipment
  • We maintain the equipment
  • We pay the site fees, insurance, etc.
  • We hold an AGM to let you know what we have been doing

Ridgeway Repeater Group Committee 2020-2021

Chairman: David M0TFY m0tfy@blueherd.co.uk
Secretary: Rob G4XUT g4xut@rrg.org.uk
Treasurer: Martin G0BQK accounts@rrg.org.uk

Committee member: Andy G0BEQ g0beq@rrg.org.uk
Committee member: Andy G0UWS g0uws@rrg.org.uk
Committee member: Andy M1EFY m1efy.radio@gmail.com

GB3WH repeater keeper: Tony G4LDL g4ldl@rrg.org.uk
GB3TD repeater keeper: Rob G4XUT g4xut@rrg.org.uk
GB7TC repeater keeper: Nigel G8VRI g8vri@rrg.org.uk
MB7UR keeper: Andy G0UWS g0uws@rrg.org.uk

Website maintenance: Andy M1EFY m1efy.radio@gmail.com