Those of you who listen to WH will realise that we have made some changes as of yesterday.

The Repeater is now back on the correct metered supply with a new UPS in circuit following the site owner's repairs to the electrical circuit. They have also fixed the door, lock etc.  so the room is now secure.

The close down call sign has been removed as agreed some while ago. Hence the only ID is now the beacon.

One of the issues when the repeater was not on its' "normal" supply was that we had a double P at the end and at first we could not understand why. A look through the logic commands revealed the answer although a bit of thought would have told us.
When on normal supply at the end of the over we had two  E's. Well the parameter that drives this is the same one that drives the P.

So on a whim really I decided to go for a "single" only and as E is a bit short, needed to choose something else. K was the obvious one but TD has that and as some folk monitor both at the same time I plumped for R.

Thanks to Andy, G0UWS for help today.

Tony G4LDL