Callsign GB7TC
Band 70cms UHF DMR
Input 430.5250MHz
Output 439.5250MHz
Mode MotoTRBO 7K60F7WWT
Colour Code 2
Channel DVU42
Talk Groups Timeslot 1: World-wide, Wide Area & User Activated Talkgroups
  Timeslot 2: Local and Regional Talkgroups see here for full list
Radio Equipment Motorola SLR5500 - Installed & Operational - IP Connect via 4G router
Cavity Filters Motorola Duplexer with circulator, admiralty notch filters & bandpass filters
Antenna Stacked dipole Omnidirectional - single aerial working (aerial at approx. 32m ASL)
Location 9km Southeast of Swindon, Wiltshire
Locator IO91DL
Repeater Keeper Nigel G8VRI