A slight modification was carried out on the GB3TD logic on the 13th February 2016.
The CTCSS (118.8hz) on time from the repeater after carrier drop is now set at 1 second and this means that on most radios if CTCSS (DEC) decode has been set, you will not hear the “K”.
The “K “ is still there but not with 118.8Hz sub audible tone on the carrier.
Some radios i.e Baofeng’s and some Yeasu’s have a different type of CTCSS decode system and therefore you may still hear the “K” even with CTCSS (DEC) decode on.
The reason we have made the change is to prevent the courtesy tone being transmitted on Echolink which also speeds up the handover time.
The change is a trial and will be reviewed at the next committee meeting in March.